5'' Monoblock

5HDE is HyDrop 5” close-coupled submersible electropump. 100% Made in Italy, it's designed for water supply from 5” wells, tanks, watercourses, for irrigation and pressurization systems.

Available in the widest range of voltage and frequency ratings in both single and three-phase version. Easily removable power lead cable (KTW, ACS, WRAS approved) assures perfect sealing. Easily removable float switch assures maximum flexibility and stock reduction. High quality components and strict test ensure a long life's time to the pump

Download 5HDE-50Hz brochure
50Hz - Electrical Data

50Hz | Operating Curves

Operating Curves 5HDE

50Hz Operating Curves

Download 5HDE-60Hz brochure
60Hz - Electrical Data

60Hz | Electrical data

Operating Curves 5HDE

60Hz Operating Curves

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